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Beginning Astrology: Workshop 3 -  August, TBD

This time we look at aspects in detail; how the various parts of a person interact with each other - where are areas of stress, ease, insight within our birth charts. We will explore aspect patterns and angles in the chart.


In upcoming workshops we first be examining predictive astrology, by looking at transits to our natal charts. We'll also get a look at mundane astrology in regards to global events.


Following on from predictive astrology, in workshop 5 we will look at relationships and astrology, using synastry and commposite charts as a way to explore how we interact with those closest to us.






Full Moon Lodge - Saturday, 4th November 5-8pm

A full Tree Moon, where we honoured the changing of the seasons and this time of going within. We gathered to discuss the full moon, had a guided meditation journey, and engaged in some art to express our intentions for our inner lives this winter. See images below.


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