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Counselling and psychotherapy are essentially interchangeable terms for the practice of humanistic therapy. Counselling generally might focus more on the present whilst psychotherapy is thought to primarily focus more on the past, particularly childhood. I find that events and feelings are often intertwined with past experiences so the distinction in therapy styles isn't always obvious or clear cut. I am happy to work in a way and a time frame that suits you.


You will always be the one who knows the most about you. In working with both present day experiences and past issues I provide a confidential, empathetic, and perceptive presence for you, to allow for the deepening of a relationship with yourself. Therapy provides an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth that can include a chance to help heal from grief or trauma, find greater strength, improve relationships, and feel happier and more authentically yourself.


If you are feeling low, sad, helpless, hopeless, scared, angry, unheard, overwhelmed, confused (and the list can and does go on) - whatever you are struggling with, there is potential for relief. Events of the past sometimes feel as if they have altered us permanently for the worse. I have helped many clients discover deeper internal resources, greater self-acceptance, and the capacity to make meaningful changes in relationships and living circumstances, even if they could not, at first, see the possibilities. These life changes were brought about naturally through changes from within.


Therapy can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding, and sometimes even fun. Within my practice I offer an opportunity for you to use creative expression, if you choose. We might discuss or examine dreams, creative writing, artwork, photographs, metaphors, stories, or even your imagined experiences from short guided meditations. All of these can allow you to access new visions of your life. None of them are required, however. It is equally as helpful, if it is better for you, that we simply speak together about things.


At the heart of my practice is a prizing of the individual, an acceptance of and respect for the path that is right for you. This path is unique for each person.


I firmly believe that each of us, given enough support and care, can grow into our happiest, best selves, and find at least some healing and solace, even through very difficult times. I truly feel that it is never too late to learn and grow inside oneself, or too late to heal something, at the very least within one's own heart.





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